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May 26, 2017, 11:54:23 am, America/Chicago

Military Personnel And Live News Correspondents Are Using Portable BGAN Satellite Terminals

A BGAN Satellite portable station (Broadband Global Area Network) is a global satellite terminal that is completely portable and connects you to the internet and phone service anywhere you are. These stations can hookup a computer to the internet in isolated places, so you can use email, cellphones and land lines, use Skype and stream video. As long as, there is a clear sight line to the sky, this terminal can function anywhere.

There are three satellites that are used in the connecting of the device to the internet and the signal can be received from almost anywhere in the world. Many other manufacturers require you to purchase large dishes to capture the signal but, these portable terminals are so light and compact, that carrying one is similar to carrying your laptop. It will hook up to your laptop no matter what style or brand you own.

These can be expensive products but, well worth it if you use them often. The terminal itself can be bought or you can rent the unit and accessories for either multi-use or individual terminals. Then there will be a monthly charge that rises with the number of computers that will be hooked up to it and then there are costs per minute of phone use. These plans and the larger units are for big companies working in out of the way areas. The smaller units are fine for individuals who need more basic service, such as email and phone.

You can hook up to the device with either an Ethernet or USB cable and Bluetooth. There are also capabilities that allow your to send and receive text messages and faxes and you can either plug in the station or use the battery.

The only two areas that currently can not receive service from this device are the North and South poles. These terminals have been tried and tested in every other area on Earth and have proven to be rugged and reliable. There are also very specially designed terminals that allow you to get a connection aboard a sailing boat or even on a moving airplane.

Many governmental and non-governmental organizations who aide countries in time of disaster and political upheaval are using this technology more and more to communicate with others on the ground and in the air. These portable terminals are also part of the equipment live news teams use when on assignment overseas.

Other fields and industries are finding this technology useful. As with archaeologists and scientific researchers who use the device to hook up to the internet and feed their findings into the computer. Then send it off directly to their offices back home, thus saving valuable time, energy and space. Firefighters battling forest fires and military personnel now find these portable terminals to be of essential use in the field.

Basically, if you can see the sky, you can get a connection from where ever you are on the planet. It takes literally, as little as, a few seconds for the internal GPS system to find the signal and once you have that, you just plug your laptop and phone into the terminal and you are ready to go.

D-Star-Satellite bgan-inmarsat-satellite fleet-broadband-satellite hughes-net-satellite idirect-satellite-internet D-Star-Satellite bgan-inmarsat-satellite fleet-broadband-satellite hughes-net-satellite idirect-satellite-internet